“When you came to this world, you cried and people laughed, When you leave this world, do something that people will cry and you laugh(satisfy) that you did something that is helpful to people”;


Welcome to the Jain Temple of Virginia ( 25 Miles from White House), a USA based non-profit organization, where we aim to have locally accessible organization for northern and southern Virginia Jains to worship together and achieve all goals mentioned in Bylaws. The Sangh was started with our founder trustee’s Sashan Devi Padmavati Mata dream. We have incorporated a non-for profit Virginia organization on July 9, 2013 to achieve our goal of teaching and passing down the values of Jain religion to our children and grandchildren. We bought Chantilly 5000sq. feet space on March 18th, 2014 and within 100 days we complete all constructions work for derasar. The pratishtha ceremony was done on June 29th 2014. We have Mulnayak Shankheshwar Pashwanath ( Anjansalaka ), Adinath Bhagwan & Mahavir Swami Bhagawan on two sides ( Anjansalaka ), Padmavati Devi ( Anjansalaka ), Ghantakaran Mahavir , Gautam Swami & Simandhar Swami Deri & 24 Tirthankaras in Bhoomti in derasar. It’s Miracle Temple as Sangh Sthapana to Derasar Pratishtha was completed in just One year.

We got tremendous support, motivation and money to make this project successful. Please look at Derasar and Future plan page under activities for more detail. The basis of Jainism is Humanity. With an increasing environment of violence and tension, human beings are realizing a value of humanity (LIVE, LET LIVE AND HELP TO LIVE) and significance of adopting a way of living life based on Jainism. Any human being can join as a member of any kind -donating, ordinary, life and foundation member to take maximum advantage of all religious and humanity activities. Please look at member’s corner for forms and Bylaws. We are thankful to JAINA and other organization trustees for their continuous support and motivations.


Thanking You
JTVA Sangh