We performed Pratishtha for our Jain Temple of Virginia Derasar’s (“JTVA”) seven Pratimas during June 2014. We have been approached by a lot of people with intentions to donate. Here is our current plan proposed by the Trustees and Executive Committee:

  • Within 3-6 years from initial Pratishtha, perform Pratishtha for additional 24 murties in Bhoomti. In addition, either construct 2nd floor (additional 1500 sq. feet) within same unit or buy another unit in our complex for pathshala and other activities (e.g., humanity activities, lectures etc.). The execution of these items will depend on donations and interest shown by the members and volunteers.
  • JTVA might also think in future to establish a retirement community that will include a small Sikharbhandhi derasar (approximately 2000 sq feet) in Northern Virginia, most likely 20-50 miles away from our current Main derasar.


  • To participate in welcoming our God, creating, helping a place of worship (God’s Home).
  • To create an opportunity for each attendee to better understand the Jain religion and culture from scholars and their peers.
  • To help create a place where young ones can learn more about Jainism through Pathshala (Jainism School) – Place where teachings of Jainism like Sutra Gyan, Sanskar Gyan, Gammat Gyan, General knowledge, Short Stories, Puzzles, Meanings of Sutras, Upkaran are provided in various ways to make this experience easy and useful.
  • To generate strong awareness and provide high visibility to each supporter.
  • To revitalize the interest of young and adults in getting involved with their local temples and communities.
  • To create and spread a cohesive message of Jain philosophy.
  • To cultivate spiritual growth in each attendee.
  • To educate each attendee, the value of volunteering and the great achievement that can be derived through hard work.
  • To energize and inspire the next generation of Jains to blossom into tomorrow’s leaders.


If you are interested in any of the following donations, please contact management at contact@jaintempleva.org

All Plus (+) sign value will be subject to gheeboli.

Descriptionn Ghee Amount
Gabhara and Deri Marble three Bhagvan Ghabara 14″X10″ $51,000
Padmavati Devi Marble Deri $15,000
Ghantakaran Marble Deri $15,000
Simandharswami Marble Deri $11,000
Gautamswami Marble Deri $11,000
Rangmandap Nirman & Arpan $41,000
24 Murties in Bhoomti 24 Deries of Bhoomti 18 murties (15”) $15,000
6 Murties ( 15”) ( $ 15000 and then gheeboli) $15,000+
Each Deri $5,000
Anjan Pratima ( Next to Mulnayak ) Shantinath Bhagwan ( 15”) $20,000 +
Munisruvat Swami or Vasupujya Swami ( 15”) $20,000 +
Marble Patt ( 4 feet X 6 feet on wall) Navkarmantra and Uvassagaharam Patt $25,000 +
Atmasiddhi Patt $25,000 +
Bhaktamar Patt $25,000 +
Santrunjay Patt $25,000 +
14 Swapana Patt $25,000 +
Pavapuri Patt $25,000 +
Sametshikar Patt $25,000 +