Jainism: The Basics

These sites offer quick summaries on Jainism and the basic principles.

Jain Organizations

Would you like to be more involved in Jainism? Along with visiting your local Jain Centers, you can also join the various Jain organizations in your area.

Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA)

JAINA is the main Jain organization in North America with over 60 Jain centers and 30 subcommittees. JAINA’s vision is to Live and Share a Jain Way of Life (JWOL).

Young Jain Professionals

The Young Jain Professionals is a group of people who focus on increasing the awareness and understanding of Jainism amongst the Jain working professionals in North America.

Young Jains of America

This organization is for Young Jains. They hold a convention once every two years.

Young Jains of Singapore

Young Jains UK

Jains in Australia

Other Resources:

Jain Super Sites

These are sites with a large number of articles and books compiled using extensive efforts.

Jain Calendar

The Jain Calendar is complex. The following link offers a great guide to Jain calendar and festivals.

Jainism for Children

The following web sites for children are fun and exciting:

Jain Literature

There are numerous books on Jainism. Some are available here for free download: